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Bed Bug Removal Cost and Treatment Pricing Options


Our Gold Level approach GUARANTEES we will rid you of the bed bug outbreak on our first visit. If you have signs of bed bugs after the visit, we will come back and treat again free of charge. We are able to offer this 24 WEEK GUARANTEE (12 weeks for hote's guest houses etc) because of our confidence in using heat. Rooms and items within them are heated to the required temperature for the optimum period, with carefully placed sensors ensuring the hardest-to-reach areas are reached. Bed bugs have no resistance to heat, which kills all stages of the bugs including (vitally) the egg stage. The treatment is quiet, discreet and very effective. Rooms can be back in action on the same day as treatment, and no furnishings need to be thrown out.

Full Heat Treatment


We are able to offer three types of bed bug removal treatments to suit the level and history of infestation and your budget. We will always advise on which we feel would be the best for you following a free consultation with one of our technicians.



Our Silver Level treatment combines a number of proven approaches to tackle an outbreak. Initially the key harbourage areas are attacked with a high-power harvester. We then use directional heat to treat the main areas where the bugs are likely to live and lay eggs. This is followed by an application of a specialist powder in hard-to-reach areas such as cable runs which gives a long-term residual effect. Finally, the room is treated with the best of the professional dose chemicals available.

Combination Steam Treatment

We are in a privileged position in that we are able to regularly test the professional strength chemicals available to us as pest controllers against resistant strain bed bugs from the field. As a result we have the most up-to-date data at our finger tips that tells us which ones are the best, and which ones of the UK’s bed bug population has a high level of resistance to. Plus this is the most competitive option.

Combination Spray Treatment







*Note the prices above are subject to variation depending on the nature of the job.


+ VAT per room, minimum cost applies